Start my day by bringing my mom to work and then driving the car to the garage for reparation (the famous driver-less car that collided with the car). I’m getting the keys of an old car for replacement, the time they fix our car. The old car is almost a wreck with no gas in it. I drive it back home, hoping it won’t fall off and that the wheel won’t remain stuck in my hands while driving.

I call my working agency and get some work for the end of the week. Amazing.

I bike on the elliptical for a good 40mn, prepare lunch and get ready to leave in the afternoon, by bike again.

Wearing a skirt, hair down, sunglasses on while biking in Lyon in early July is just a treat. I don’t have to worry about rain, wind or cold. It is just a marvelous 25 degrees celcius and a gentle wind accompanies the trip. I swear, with my earphones, I literally feel like the trip to the city center is some French movie shit. I love it. I meet up with a friend and we walk around. We climb one of Lyon’s hill and we admire the view. Going down, we stop for an ice cream and again, it just feels marvelous. The atmosphere is good.


I walk her back to her bus station and continue walking around. I was supposed to meet up with someone later in the day for coffee but that didn’t happen. Instead I got coffee on my own and enjoyed the company of a busy street. A mix of hipsters, bikes, working families walking on the pavement while I sit there grabbing parts of conversations.

Maybe that’s what I should do. Find a place to sit outside and sip on some iced coffee to pass the time rather than staying home miserably when I’m not working. It’s a pricey hobbit, almost 4.5€ for an iced coffee (being cool is expensive apparently). But it’s a nice feeling.

I stay until 7, having nothing to rush for. I ride my bike back home, falling into this soundtrack-life for 20mn. Get home, prepare a salad that my dad won’t adore but I like the crunchiness of red peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. The end of the day is in contrast quite boring. I’m killing time browsing the internet, looking at the time. If I go to bed to early (and if I want to respect my 8-hour sleeping schedule), I’ll have to wake up at 6 and there is nothing to do at 6 in the morning. I know it sounds like a boring routine but having some structure is not all bad, and I can be more efficient in stuff that I do (or let’s say I can have more energy to complain about not having enough to do!).


That was today.



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