Day 341 (written in 2015)

Rumours are ugly lies, yet sometimes they come with a hint of truth.

Kyoto 30

Heard some rumours recently, interwoven with some facts. Crazy how fast information goes, how fast it gets distorted and yet, how much importance is given to it. I’m the first one to raise an eyebrow though, and ingest the piece of news it contains. Because I feel like even if it’s been a bit transformed, it may not be totally wrong. As good as it it not to believe rumours right away and give your soul to it, it’s also good not to ignore them.

So yeah, learned some stuff recently and more than one eyebrow was being raised.

Let’s talk about this phenomena that I thought would be behind me when I left junior high school -even high school didn’t have them-. These wide circles of popularity, with its core of essential people, in order to make an event valuable. These core pieces of persons that make the situation ‘more interesting’ and worth being seen at. The same people whose voice is being heard, accentuated and supported by the silent majority. The same people you want to be friend with because, “let’s be honest, they’re the cool ones and it looks good to hang out with them”. What they don’t tell you is how unstable and temporary they are. And how little you can get out of it.

The good thing of these popularity circle in university is that no one is naive enough to believe they actually work. We know it’s an illusion and even people inside of it are in the permanent effort of maintaining something that doesn’t exist.

I admit I was naive and really thought it was thing, without ever wanting to be part of it (I fear drama way too much and did my part of experience in the past, I’m good now thanks).

I’m also seeing all these good looking guys and gals, looking successful, smart and intelligent and I discover how jackasses they are and how motherfuckers they can be in their behaviours. Who knew the most model students are the ones cheating at exams? Who knew this well-respected person is the first one to spit on anyone’s back? But god knows they maintain their image, god knows they spread online all sorts of signals that they are untouchable.

Yet, rumours still end up emerging and stain everyone’s background every once in a while.

Rumours are ugly lies, yet sometimes they come with a hint of truth.


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