Day 344- thought of the day

I noticed I can become kind of bossy sometimes and become a bit critical when I see other people in a bad place and doing nothing to help themselves.

But I have to remember it’s easy to stand ‘tall’ and proud when nothing in particular is going against you or hitting you in the face every time you take a breathe. Confidence is not something you can be proud of when everything is going right, it’s something to cherish when you’re able to pull it off once you’re already on your knees. So don’t boast confidence when you’re already at the top, looking down; it doesn’t make sense. I should just shut my mouth when I’m doing well and wondering why other people can’t work it out too. Because there are surely a lot of times where I’m this very one who can’t pull it off.


Strength is found in adversity, not in peaceful and easy times. And it’s easy to be fine when everything else is fine.*

I’m not particularly handling life in a good way, I’m just lucky enough not to be spending my energy going against the current. For now at least. Better be ready for what might hit me in the teeth later on. Always be.


*very deep way of phrasing things, well done Sab. Very wow, very wtf.

Edit: Reading again what I wrote, it looks like I just discovered the concept of compassion ahah. To clarify, I was more thinking of when you have particular expectations regarding certain people. You know, or you’d think they can do better than that. Still unfair to think this when everything is rolling well for you.


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