Day 332- a glance at what life will be like in a few months

Woke up at 6, by the sweet numbing sound of an old’s man snores. It makes me chuckle as I’ve insisted to take a mixed dormitory and not confined myself to the ‘security’ of a female dormitory. In exchange, I got an old man’s snores. 


(The landscapes that can be seen from the Shinkansen, on my 9-hour trip times 2, are just magical. I am literally glued to the window and love these sights)

Giving up on getting more sleep, I decide to wake up and this is with an astonishing amount of 3 hours of sleep (record of these last two weeks!) that I get ready. The inn is an old Japanese house and I gently slides on the wooden floor in order not to be noisy. The doors slide in a croaky noise but there’s nothing I can do about that. I see some girls leaving and decide to stay in the main area, preparing myself some breakfast. 
It is quiet and we can hear the sound of the rain outside. Old house meaning poor insulation, I get a taste of the coldness outside.

These short nights start wearing me down and I think I’m starting to reach my no sleep tolerance, feeling unnecessarily grumpy. It got better through the day but it’s hard to combine all Japanese conversation, fucking walking/hiking everywhere and normal life in general. Meh, it’s almost the end of the trip anyway.
I take it easy but join the train station to finally reach Nagasaki. I’ll visit Fukuoka another time. Right now, under the rain and with two big bags, the option is not very appealing.

I meet Mitsuki at the train station, put one of the bag in a locker and off we go! It is around noon so we walk a bit to enter a tiny tiny restaurant in the back of small street. We’re eating Champon, a Nagasaki dish made of noodles with a Chinese inspiration. We catch up, talk a lot in French and Japanese, the whole is really fun. 

Afterwards, we continue in the center of Nagasaki and end up visiting a museum with an exposition of a fashion designer (who also writes, I think I have something for short poems in Japanese, they’re simple and powerful) before ending up at Dejima.




 I won’t make a historic explanation of Dejima but will just say that after studying East Asia and Japan in high school and university, I was surprised by the amount of elements that I found there that I knew. Including the stuff that I thought I’d never used outside of university (e.g. The British porcelain with the made Chinese tale, unfortunately, was there in Dejima)(yes I know, what the fuck). 
I am definitely in love with Meiji period architecture with this contrast of black and white, this mix of Western and Japanese style and some Dutch features (eh, Dejima was for the Dutch, doesn’t matter how hard I try, I cannot escape the Netherlands) had a deep blue turquoise. 

The sun started setting and we went to buy some Yuriyuri (again, Nagasaki specialty, it’s a sort of twisted sweet cracker) and we went to see the day getting darker on the small port. Nagasaki does look like a lovely city, even though it is more populated than I expected. The city is really stuck in hills and some of the streets are impressive to see, being really steep. We buy some Castella (again, Nagasaki food, this one bring a spongy cake that is sooooo good) and we head back to Mitsuki’s house. She lives in the mountains of Nagasaki, and I’m really not kidding. We took the bus for 35mn (during which I lamentably fell asleep on my bag) and we climbed up so many hills, I don’t even want to imagine how to do that in bike.  

We arrived to her apartment, I took off my shoes and put them next to Mitsuki’s, where there were already a whole lot. I didn’t think much if it, especially since I have in my own place, a scary amount of shoes. I went into the living room, it was all dark and Mitsuki suddenly turns on the light and utters: “surprise!” 
At my astonishment, I see three girls with a smile on their face, some なべ prepared in front of them on the table (it’s a sort of long cooking dish) and opened arms. Mitsuki invited her friends to welcome me and eat dinner together. Since I’m gonna go to Nagasaki university next September, she wanted to present them to me and I swear, it melted my poor little kokoro (heart). It’s just so… Awww, I swear, I was so moved by her gesture. 
So I met her friends and we ate together an enormous amount of food. One of Mitsuki’s friend is really good at cooking and damn, the whole thing was made so well. It was such a great feeling to talk together and somehow, it felt so natural. They’re all adorable people and I can’t wait to hang out with them next year.
Thinking they’ve been preparing everything while we were in the center of Nagasaki, aww it touches me so much. Next year I’ll definitely be the one cooking. 
And knowing that I’ll come with friends already there is exciting. Mitsuki really rocked it.
We finally went to bed after this long day of walking, eating, enjoying Nagasaki. If it’s not a great start, the I don’t know what this is.


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